Investing in your future

We know there are endless options for you to invest your money.  Countless brokers with thousands of means to “make your money grow”.  Most popular funds hug the index so they don’t look bad if the market has a bad quarter and charge you a very illusive MER to do so.

I have found a much better way to serve my clients

Would you like to be invested in an average mutual fund or like the largest pension funds in the world?


financial planner

I use a full discretion Portfolio Management Firm that helps investors manage their wealth and take advantage of investment opportunities that present themselves in the capital markets.  They follow a disciplined and thorough approach to investment management which traditionally has produced strong results for clients through the cycles of the market. You are directly invested in companies, real estate, private equity, bonds and insurance.  

With 10 years trying to make it work balancing mutual funds from different companies, it only makes sense to use a professional manager to take care of your portfolio while I spend my time taking care of you and your family.

scary weather

“Imagine being in a boat in the ocean on a very still day. No wind. No swell. The water is as flat as a mirror. The calm goes on for a just long enough for you start to feel like it’s normal.

Then when a small wave comes, it feels huge, and regular waves feel enormous.

As scary as it might feel…remember waves are normal. Occasional storms are normal. And the last thing you want to do when you get into one is abandon ship.”


*Carl Richards –

My Mission Statement has always been the same.  To respect my client and always communicate as openly and transparently as possible.  I have seen many ups and downs in the last 15 years and can say that I want your ability to feel comfortable approaching me in the good times and the bad is what I strive for in my profession.  I strongly feel I have a fiduciary responsibility to you as my client and will never put myself over your trust. I have stood by my investment style to invest everyone like they are my mother.  I also have an unofficial motto that I want to keep the client happy and able to sleep at night so I can be happy and sleep at night.

At Lang Financial, we service customers across Canada. Primarily, we offer Financial Advice in Southern Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario areas.

I work with Castle Insurance Group Inc.