6 in 10 Pre-retirees want guaranteed income for life

it’s the number one feature they want in a financial product1. You can build your nest egg, accelerate growth with bonuses, and then convert it to a predictable monthly income that will last your lifetime!

1 in 4 pre-retirees do not believe they will have a financially comfortable retirement – and 1 in 2 expect lower standards of living in retirement than what they have today.1 You have worked hard to build your nest egg, and when you are ready to take your retirement income, you may face financial challenges such as outliving your savings, inflation risk, and market volatility. All of which can erode your nest egg and negatively impact your retirement lifestyle. That’s why Empire Life has designed Class Plus 3.0 – to address these challenges and help you enjoy retirement.

Let’s build your own personal Defined Benefit Retirement Solution.


Investing before retirement lets you accumulate wealth and potentially increase your future guaranteed retirement income for life.

Potential Benefits:

  • Receive a 4% annual Income Base Bonus during the first 20 calendar years you don’t make a withdrawal.2
  • Bonuses increase the income you will receive later when you are retired.
  • Income base resets lock in market gains every three years.


When you create your own pension plan, it can give you
guaranteed predictable income while also taking advantage of potential market growth:

  • You can start receiving income as
    early as the year you turn age 55.
  • You’ll know exactly how much income you will receive, every year, for life no matter how long you live and regardless of how poorly the markets perform, this is guaranteed with market resets.
  • Your Death Benefit Guarantee4 and Income Base are automatically reset every 3 years to lock-in market gains
  • With annual Automatic Income Resets,5 you are not tied to the same payout rate for life. Plus the resets are done automatically for you.
  • With Retirement Income Privileges, you can stop your payments at any time to suit your income needs, continue to be eligible for Income Base Bonus and then resume taking income, without penalty.


We use segregated funds for this solution. See the page on Segregated Funds for a run down on what they are and why we use them.

  • Your net deposits are protected with maturity and death benefit guarnantees.
  • It may offer potential protection from creditors
  • In the event of your death, the value of your investments can bypass probate, provided you have named a beneficiary.

1 Source: LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute Ready, Set, Retire?
Not So Fast! … Revisited, 2014
2 Provided there are no Excess Withdrawals.
3 The Income Base Bonus is credited in years that there are no withdrawals for the first 20 calendar years you are invested. It is a notional amount and has no cash value.
4 Death Benefit Guarantee resets available up to and including
Annuitant’s 80th birthday.
5 Increasing from ages 55 to 80 then level at age 80+

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