Helping cover the medical expenses of your family

Personal health insurance

personal heath

We’re insurance brokers, but a Personal Health Protection Plan isn’t really insurance. A PHPP is a great tool for small businesses to realize tax benefits from healthcare expenses.

drug plan

Let’s say you are a one-person business. Your business pays a small, one-time, tax deductible fee to set up a plan. You go to the dentist for a root canal. You, as an individual, pay the dentist. You submit your receipt through your business for the dollar amount of the root canal plus a 10% administrative fee to the PHPP. You, as an individual, receive total reimbursement from the PHPP – tax free. Your business has created a tax deductible expense for the entire amount. This plan is designed for sole proprietors, partnerships, and corporations.

A root canal never felt so good.

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