Brief Update on Current Market Volatility

We want to take a moment to update you on our thoughts related to the coronavirus and its impact on the financial markets, and, ultimately, on your personal financial situation. Going into this New Year, many stock markets around the world were trading near all-time highs including major indexes in the US, Canada, UK, and […]

BOC Decision

Bank of Canada Remains on Hold, Revising Down Oil Market Outlook The Bank of Canada left the overnight benchmark policy rate at 1-¾%, as expected. In another dovish statement, the Bank of Canada acknowledged a slowdown in global economic activity and highlighted that oil prices are roughly 25% lower than what they had assumed in the […]

What is the difference between an “Adjustable Rate” mortgage and a “Variable Rate” Mortgage?

ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage: ·Payments automatically change and go up/down with the Prime Rate to ensure you maintain the original amortization schedule of the mortgage ·Lender sends out a monthly reminder when payments change ·8 Bank of Canada rate announcements per year VRM (Variable Rate Mortgage): ·Payments remain fixed for the duration of the term […]

7 Questions to ask yourself before taking the home-buying plunge

7 Questions to ask yourself before taking the home-buying plunge Are you really ready? 1. How Healthy Is My Credit Score? A mortgage can be one of the biggest financial obligations you’ll ever take on, so why add to that burden by paying a high interest rate?Fact: The lower your credit score, the higher your […]