Protect your new family for life

There may be no greater life event than having a child. As a parent, it’s only natural that you feel a great sense of responsibility along with incredible joy and love for this little person who is going to become such a big part of your life. Parents need protection Life insurance should be considered […]

Anatomy of mortgage changes

There is little doubt that housing sales have slowed down in the past year, due in large part to stricter mortgage regulations. Part of those regulations is a mortgage stress test that requires borrowers to qualify for an interest rate that’s at least 200 basis points higher than the contracted rate.   Those in favour of […]

Paying Off Your Mortgage

Your Road to Mortgage Freedom Do you dream about paying off your mortgage? The new year is usually a time when people review their finances and, if they are in debt, create a plan to reduce that debt. With interest rates rising in Canada, the perennial question resurfaces: Should you pay off your mortgage early? […]

BOC Decision

Bank of Canada Remains on Hold, Revising Down Oil Market Outlook The Bank of Canada left the overnight benchmark policy rate at 1-¾%, as expected. In another dovish statement, the Bank of Canada acknowledged a slowdown in global economic activity and highlighted that oil prices are roughly 25% lower than what they had assumed in the […]

What is the difference between an “Adjustable Rate” mortgage and a “Variable Rate” Mortgage?

ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage: ·Payments automatically change and go up/down with the Prime Rate to ensure you maintain the original amortization schedule of the mortgage ·Lender sends out a monthly reminder when payments change ·8 Bank of Canada rate announcements per year VRM (Variable Rate Mortgage): ·Payments remain fixed for the duration of the term […]